Tax Credits For Research And Development Unique: How To Calculate It

For the first time in 2016 IRES taxpayers will have to declare the tax credits for research and development.

The qualify for assistance activities can be found in our study for tax credits for the company that takes on researchers (highly qualified personnel).

As we said in our previous articles, the tax credits on R & D is a measure combined with other discounts, such as the super payback or the future super payback. Unless, therefore, is not expressly provided for the prohibition of overlapping with other measures, those who made investments in research and development will benefit from the bonus, facilitating fact is automatic.

The amount resulting from the combination, however, can not exceed the costs incurred in research and development.

Tax credits: how to compile the Only One

The credits will be placed under RU, with code B9 credit. To bring compensation claims you will have to use the 6857 tax code.

The compensation is not subject to the annual limit of 250 thousand Euros foreseen for tax credits facilitative, nor to the general annual limit of 700 thousand euro.

The credit is also not subject to the prohibition of compensation provided in the presence of debts registered as a higher amount of € 1,500.

How is the tax credits?

The tax credits is calculated at 25% or 50% of the costs incurred in excess of the average for 2012 to 2014 sets of the same investments.

The investment is recognized, up to a maximum amount of 5 million euro and if the qualify for assistance term investments are greater than 30 thousand euro.

Let’s see how to proceed to make a correct calculation of benefits.

How to calculate the tax credits research and development

To calculate the benefit is necessary to start from the identification of research and development activities eligible.

Identify the research activities conducted by the eligible you need to determine the costs which are directly connected. The costs in fact benefit from differentiated benefits in the type name.

The credit percentages vary between 25% and 50%. To know the details of the eligibility of expenditure, we recommend our deepening tax credits for those who invest in research and development.

Remains firm task that leads to credit expenses through a special statement detailing the eligibility, the effectiveness and pertinence of costs. It will require a little short but comprehensive analytical report that starts from the list of the same type of expenditures incurred in 2012-2014 and who can act as the basis of the comparative media computing with the new tax year.

Tax credits: does not increase the tax and regional tax income

The investment tax credits for research and development does not increase the company income. The credit can be used only to offset [6], with effect from the tax year following the year in which the costs were incurred, presenting the F24 through electronic services Entratel or Fisconline;

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